Ice Conditions 12/15/2017
We currently have a staked roads out to the SE side of Shaw’s Reef, down along the break of Doe Island Reef as well as 3/4 of the way to 2 mile.  Please stick close to the staked road and do not go past the fantail stakes at the end of each road.  We found as little as 3 inches of ice along the last windblown freeze line. 

We have not found anything less than 8 inches of ice in the areas that we have staked. All in all it is shaping up as a great start to the ice season. As always, please check with your local resort or bait shop for updated ice conditions. We also do the best that we can to update our FB page with current conditions and any road changes.  ALL FOLKS MUST CHECK WITH OUR OFFICE BEFORE HEADING OUT EACH MORNING!!!