Appeldoorn’s Team Building Event Options have enduring value and are produced to provide memorable and meaningful experiences that participants will keep talking about, learning from, and building upon.

Refashioning of Team Building events to customize them for each of our client’s is our program designer’s passion. Our designer, Tracy Gallati, has mentored and trained companies ranging from 2 people to 20,000 people with customized and professionally developed training techniques. Corporate training elements can be blended into team building events to provide even bigger value and a richer experience. 

We will customize events to fit your culture or objective by starting with a needs assessment. Once she has gathered your information, recommendations for activities are suggested. After you narrow down your activity selections, the program designer begins to tailor the team building event to ensure it is completely customized to fit your group’s objectives. When your big day arrives, the customized team building activity is fully facilitated so you can participate and join the fun.

Our amazing events deliver exceptional results, so expect amazing outcomes. These customized events trigger extraordinary personal development and leave you with a significantly more interconnected and committed team, in a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace.

Why Customize?

Facilitation is the difference between a typical company outing and a professionally customized team building event. We pioneer innovative techniques and personally tailor programs to fit every client’s objective. The key points from the activity are extracted, analyzed, and absorbed to applied in the workplace.

It takes a trained facilitator to shed light on the discussion of what worked, what didn’t, and why. The company’s return on investment is the skills acquired that build relations ships for the good of your company due to the deeper understanding gained from the insight of each activity.

Whatever is happening in your workplace, you can count on the program designer to understand and deliver the customized program for your company’s needs and objective. You will find life altering, career-defining leadership breakthroughs that are achievable when team building and training with the experience.

If you would like more information on team building, contact Tracy at 763-219-0163 or